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ARTICLES on Permaculture and related topics.

Who Am I to Farm?
by Peter Bane, Issue #82, GROWING STAPLE CROPS • NOV 2011, excerpted from Peter's new book: The Permaculture Handbook

The Bathtub Effect by Peter Bane
from Designing forDisaster, issue #80, May 2011
Lovelock’s Folly
- A Book Review

To read articles written by Toby Hemenway, go to

Nitrogen-fixers vs liquid gold
by Norris Thomlinson
By David Holmgren

Permaculture and Energy
Edible Forest Gardens: Invitation to Adventure by David Jacke / Eric Toensmeier
The Future of the World...Is Nuts
by Philip A. Rutter,Bagersett Research Corp
Compromise, Hell! by Wendell Berry
Design For Catastrophe by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Economic and planetary collapse:
Is it a therapeutic issue?

by Kathy McMahon, Psy.D.  
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